We will create the content of the course according to your needs and take your language level and goals into account - the course will be tailor made. We emphasize conversation - more than 60% of the lesson is spoken by the student. You learn grammar naturally during lessons and in context. Lessons are mainly taught by a native speaker of the target language. Naturally, the way you learned your native language.

Individual language courses for adults

The most effective way to learn a foreign language as quickly as possible is individual lessons with a native speaker.
We help ambitious adults to speak fluently, think and gain confidence in everyday language use. If you want to get a better job or travel independently - this course is for you. 

Your progress will be faster than with group lessons.
The courses are aimed at increasing the level of speaking, understanding and communication. You will gain incredible confidence in self-expression, lots of new words and you will be able to communicate freely in any situation in your life.

We teach languages comprehensively, including the cultural differences of the given country. Thanks to this, you will be prepared for real situations.

Individual language courses

English • German • Spanish • Czech for foreigners • Polish • Czech • Russian • Korean • Japanese • Chinese

Online language courses 

You can also take all our courses online with a native speaker. Some of our online tutors live permanently in Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Spain and other countries. You can thus complete your studies both here and in the destination country.

Corporate group and individual courses

You can take company courses both in our classrooms and at your place of employment. We will be happy to come to demonstrate a demonstration class at your company, or simply accept your employees for courses in our premises.

Intensive preparation for graduation in 2023

Intensive and individual training with a team of experienced lecturers. The lecturers will first supplement the basics from previous years and practice the material. Then you will supplement your preparation for the matriculation exams with our mock exams.

Courses for seniors

Seniors learn English and German. And they enjoy it. Courses for seniors have been diversifying the language education offer at our school for the tenth year.

They are aimed at people over fifty, and the content of the lessons is adapted to this. 

Individual language courses for mothers/fathers with children

We now offer individual language courses for parents on maternity leave. You don't need to arrange a babysitter, just take your child with you. Our courses are for everyone who wants to feel confident in the language, learn to talk about general topics. Try a free trial lesson.