Alfa Education Center Český Krumlov

                         individual language courses

We conduct individual and company language courses in 8 languages, educational workshops for seniors, bilingual mini kindergarten for children, summer camps, preparation for gymnasiums, exams and interviews. We organize trips, events for families, education and training in companies. We are an international team with years of experience and practice abroad. And we pass everything we know to you.

Our goal is to provide meaningful educational programmes for children, adults and seniors. We want to connect all generations that can enrich each other.

An environment created with love is also important to us. Everyone, without exception, experiences joy and a sense of home with us. Both small children and entrepreneurs, working mothers and seniors.

We have created a new concept of education in Český Krumlov, which cannot be described, but needs to be experienced.

Therefore, don't hesitate, come not only to the course, but also for a coffee, come to relax, chat, bring an ambitious study plan... Or simply stop on your way from work to take a breather when your child is happily playing in our children's corner. Everyone is welcome. 

What we offer? The list is endless and you are part of its development.

Individual language courses for adults

You don't have to wait for the course to open, but you can start right away. We also offer online study.

Individual language courses for children from 4 years old 

We have an individual approach for each child, a friendly relationship with the lecturer and a varied program.

Bilingual morning mini kindergarten for children from 2-4 years old

It is a place where experienced teachers will take care of your children and attend to them with joy, love and understanding.

Alternative education

We bring children together in home education and create a community school where we can implement what is needed.

Coworking - shared offices in fully equipped classrooms.

Call and order an office space for lectures, online seminars, or simply for peace of mind for the work you need to do


Free playroom and maternity center

Regular meeting of mothers and children every Friday morning. We also organize flee markets of clothes, books, and crafts. You can also join lectures and training.

Made with ♥ in Česky Krumlov.