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Centrum Alfa Český Krumlov

Urbinská 183, 381 01 Český Krumlov

+420 776 606 787 (Anna Maria- CEO)
+420 721 670 719 (Lucie- course coordinator)


Centrum Alfa Velešín

Velešin Cinema  Družstevní 596, 382 32 Velešín

Meet us

Anna Maria

Founder and CEO of the Center. I teach Polish to foreigners and English online all over the world.

Shaun - English

Our amazing English native speaker who has been working in 17 countries.

Stephen - English

Our other amazing English native speaker with his typical British sense of humor.

Gabriela - Czech for foreigners

Gabriela creates professional lesson plans with a strong focus on the Czech language student. She does a great job of explaining all the complicated grammar rules in a very simple way.


Irina- English, Russian

She is a native Russian speaker. It will introduce you to the English and Russian world in a different way than you have been used to.

Stáňa - English and Czech for foreigners

A very talented, relaxed and friendly professional English teacher with years of experience in Prague and abroad


Steffi - German and Spanish

Steffi is a native German speaker. He has many years of teaching experience in German schools.

Chiku - Japanese 

Japanese native speaker, teaches Japanese from beginner to advanced student.

Dita - Korean and German 

A professional teacher with an alternative and cordial approach to teaching company courses, but also children and adults.

Michaela - German

Czech-German native speaker who has vast experience in language teaching, business German.

Anna - Polish

Writer, screenwriter and lecturer of the Polish language for foreigners. He leads creative writing workshops and designs screenwriting courses.

Lada- school topics

It will prepare you for exams to the eight-year grammar school, exams, especially in Czech. He also works with students from abroad.

Veronika - English and Czech for children, speech therapy

She will lead small children on an adventure with languages, help them with their first steps and, if necessary, help with Czech in the speech therapy class.

Lucie - course coordinator

 Lucie deals with student satisfaction, information, reservations, e-mails, phone calls, social media.